Wasserkraft Buro, in cooperation with the world's leading brands of pumping equipment, carries out special works for water utilities throughout Ukraine.

We are working on optimizing water circulation, which allows us to reduce energy losses and increase energy efficiency.

According to practical evidence obtained in the course of work at water utilities, we, in most cases, guarantee an increase in productivity while reducing costs for water utilities and other water industries.

In the course of optimization, it is advisable to take the following steps:

  • Work under an energy service contract.
  • Conducting a number of consultations to optimize water circulation.
  • Design of water supply, sewerage, water treatment, water treatment systems, with further examination.

Performing a full range of construction and installation works for the reconstruction and modernization of enterprises in the housing and communal sector.
After completing these steps, we can say with confidence that the efficiency of the water utility will increase by tens of percent. In addition, and importantly, we are working to attract investment to the regions through cooperation with international funds and organizations (for example, the EBRD).

The full benefit from cooperation with our company can be assessed even at the stage of negotiations. For an initial consultation, contact one of our specialists by phone - +38 (050) 438-98-00. Or choose another contact method on the Contacts page.

Wasserkraft Buro offers its services to construction companies throughout Ukraine.

Our clients include dozens of companies and holdings engaged in the construction of residential and commercial buildings. 

Why choose Us?

We offer truly comprehensive solutions that help our partners save not only money but also time. Our comprehensive approach includes the following proposals:

  • Design of water supply, heat supply, drainage systems.
  • Production and delivery of equipment for water supply, sewerage, heat supply using our own IT product and dispatching of these systems.
  • Manufacture and supply of fiberglass products (containers, tanks, separators, septic tanks, sand traps, oil separators).
    Execution of construction and installation works and commissioning of equipment for water circulation systems.
    Coordination and commissioning of engineering facilities with energy and gas supply organizations, water utilities and other organizations involved in the coordination of technical conditions.
    In addition to all of the above, we offer 24/7 service for water supply, sewerage and heat supply systems.

If you are a representative of a construction company and you are interested in solutions in the field of water circulation, contact our managers in a convenient way for you on the Contacts page.

Water bills are an increasingly pressing issue for most consumers, from industry to private households. Hot and cold water is becoming one of the main types of consumption in utility bills.

Wasserkraft Buro offers unique partner solutions aimed at reducing costs in the field of water supply, sanitation and heating. Especially for housing and communal services, we have developed a program for the introduction of energy-saving technologies.

The dedicated  program includes a step-by-step plan with the following steps:

  • Analysis of equipment and energy costs (Energy audit).
  • Consulting (Complete list of recommendations for cost optimization and preparation of a feasibility study).
  • Modernization of water supply, sewerage and heat supply systems.
  • Service 24/7.
  • Remote dispatching using our own software.
  • Conclusion of an energy service contract.

Our specialists have unique knowledge for conducting an Energy Audit obtained in a special training program developed by leading European companies. This knowledge is successfully applied in practice in various industries throughout Ukraine.

For more information, go to the Contacts page and contact our managers.

Over the years of Wasserkraft Buro's work, we have established partnerships with a variety of installation organizations throughout Ukraine. Our business partners appreciate the accuracy and timeliness of the services provided by our specialists, and appreciate the quality of the products supplied by our company.

We offer the following solutions especially for installation organizations working in the water sector:

  • Supply of pumping equipment from leading world brands: Grundfos, Pentax, Lowara.
  • Supply of pumping stations and other equipment of our own production.
  • Production and supply of fiberglass products of our own production (containers, tanks, separators, septic tanks, sand traps, oil separators).
  • Coordination and commissioning of engineering facilities in the relevant authorities.
  • Installation supervision services for complex equipment.

We are always glad to new partners, for whom there are always special conditions of cooperation. We propose to find out all the details from our managers or choose another communication format on the Contacts page.

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